A Chinese Canadian talked about the COVID-19 outbreak in both countries

I have been in Canada for eighteen years, which is quite a long time. I love it here. There are many lakes in Canada, so every summer my family will choose a lake to go camping, barbecue, boating, or swimming, to really get in touch with nature and relax. The lakes in Canada are my family's favorite place to visit. There are many differences between life in Canada and life in China. First of all, it strikes me that the pace of life is not the same. The pace of life in Canada is slower. For example, in the IT industry where I work, IT work in China is very busy, and many companies often implement the '96 system. But in Canada, we rarely work overtime except on rare occasions, and we don't have to work on weekends. As a result, Canadians pay more attention to family, because all the time except working time belongs to family, so parents can spend more time with their children. Children are not as busy at school as they are in China, they don't have a lot of homework. So on the whole, the pace of life in Canada is slower than that in China. In addition to the pace of life, there are different aspects in which China has the advantage. Such as Canada and China differences in treatment, sick in China, you can very quickly to choose your own want to go to the hospital, get treatment, but in Canada, because the doctor in the health care system are free, so we need to make an appointment, and also can't literally a waste of resources, so good make a diagnosis and give treatment needs to wait for, the speed of the doctor, there is no Chinese fast. That's something I think Canada needs to improve on.
Coronavirus epidemic situation in Canada

Coronavirus is now the focus of the world and in Canada as well.

Now, the outbreak is not encouraging, and both Canada and the United States are beginning to pick up the pace of the outbreak.Corresponding detection are improved, and to what extent, I can't understand completely, but as far as I know, (Canada) government support, called on all in the past fourteen days have overseas travel experience of Canadian, if appear some symptoms of a cold, fever, cough and difficulty breathing, it shall timely dial 811, or 911 other AD hoc outside an outbreak.Call this hotline, and there will be a professional medical staff to talk to you, get some information, and decide which hospital you need to go to, or decide to have a car to pick you up, so that the medical staff can do the protection work. The current detection situation is better than the previous days. Before, the number of detection boxes may be limited due to the scarcity of detection boxes, but now the situation is more urgent, so more people will be basically tested as long as they have this need.

I think the outbreak in Canada is very worrying, with at least three or four new confirmed cases a day since the end of last week, compared to one suspected case a few days ago. It's moving very fast and very worrying. One of the main concerns for me is that Canada and the United States are not paying as much attention to the virus as China. China with very high efficiency and great strength, basic control in most provinces (crown) virus, because Chinese people believe that compared to earn money and personal health, life and health is the first, so people all over the country can take orders from that government, both at home and go out less, universal, so now the disease under control. But now it seems that Canada and the United States have not learned anything from China's policies and practices.The government has also called on residents to be aware of the situation and to stock up on food and medicine in case of an outbreak. It has also called on people to wash their hands to prevent infection, but the government has not called on people to wear masks, perhaps because masks are not available in the market. Canada and the United States basically have one thing in common: if you are healthy , you don't need to wear a mask. Wearing a mask creates a sense of panic. In my opinion, respiratory diseases are mainly transmitted by droplets so masks should play a very big role in blocking such transmission.

Still because of various reasons, such as the shortage of masks in the market, people have always been dismissive of this virus, so now everyone's protection I think is not in place. This is also very worrying. On the other hand, there are different RACES living in Canada who have different views on the virus. For example, we've had a lot of new cases recently imported from Iran. Because in Iranian religion they think of this as god's hospital, so it's inevitable that people will get sick or something, so it's a little bit dismissive of the possible measures, not wearing masks. So these are very worrying things. So in Toronto, the Iranian New Year is coming up, and the New Year's party is supposed to go on as scheduled, and so far there's been no news that's been banned, so it does cause more trouble for people, because we know that big parties are very bad for the spread of this virus.

The Chinese in Canada do take this virus very seriously. Under the current situation, we have to buy some masks at a high price to prepare for the shortage of masks on the market. If in some Chinese shops we can see a few Chinese to protect themselves, but in some Western shops we can hardly see people wearing masks. If you are a Chinese, wearing a mask when shopping for food, people will think you are a patient, and there is some sense of discrimination. But now Chinese shops are beginning to see wearing masks.

The shortage of face masks in Canada is very serious. There are few masks on the market, and many are imported from neighboring countries such as Mexico. China is a major supplier of masks to Canada, so the epidemic in China makes it impossible for masks to be supplied to Canada as before, so Canada is very short of masks now. Some of the masks are only for private use, or they may be imported from other countries through various channels, or have been stored for a while before. At this time, people will raise the price because of scarcity. Of course, there are still many people who need masks at such a price. So mask shortages will persist for some time.

The school should also pay attention to the epidemic, because every day the education bureau and the school will send a letter to update the current situation of the epidemic. However, the risk of the latest outbreak is low, which means it is relatively low. The first is that children do not need to wear masks, because it will cause others to panic. Second, it calls for children to wash their hands frequently. Hand sanitizers can be brought to school if needed for personal use, and classes will also distribute public hand sanitizers. So far, there is no policy to suspend schools, but there is a public outcry, and the government should be prepared to do the same. If the virus breaks out on a slightly larger scale, schools will be the first to close, because students are more likely to be infected . fortunately , So far school attendance has not been affected.

Work at ordinary times, our company is updated frequently overseas travel and will be the status of the coronavirus and message, before the policy is to have been to some sensitive countries such as China, Hong Kong (special administrative region), Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy, the company is not recommended to travel at this moment, whether because public or private, if you travel back to the separation of 14 days.However, the company's perspective is still consistent with the government's policy, because it is still not recommended to wear masks in the company, and even if some (colleagues) have a cold or a fever, they are not forced to recommend that they should be isolated at home. I have some concerns, because sometimes a colleague falls ill and you don't know whether it is a novel Coronavirus or a common cold. No one can tell except for the detection. However, it is still a question about what kind of detection you are willing to take and how strong the detection is at present.

As for the panic buying, I didn't find any large-scale panic buying. It is said that Costco has some stores running for toilet paper and rice. At the beginning, it is said that most of the Chinese are snapping up the virus, because the Chinese themselves have the habit of storing the virus in advance, and foreigners more or less seem to despise the virus, because they think that the fatality rate of this virus is only about one, two percent, so it is not a big deal . There's a little bit of contempt for it. From my eyes did not see large-scale inventory, the market supplies as abundant as ever.Personally speaking, I am also because the government itself calls on residents to buy some medicines and so on. I did buy a little rice, oil and cold medicine to deal with the possible situation.

I think the Canadian government attaches great importance to the development of the virus and can be transparent about the epidemic. It is worthy of recognition that the number of new suspected cases and confirmed cases every day should be made known to the public as soon as possible.The government has also called on residents to stock up on food, as I mentioned earlier.

But every country has different views on this issue, so far the dust has not settled, and everyone does not have a certain answer to judge whether a government's decision is right or wrong. The Government of Canada and the Government of the United States are basically the same. They ask healthy people not to wear masks, pay attention to washing hands more, and touch the nose and mouth less to prevent the attack of the virus. However, I think the government should pay more attention to this virus at this moment, strengthen the policy, and call on everyone to gather less and wear masks as much as possible. This is what I hope. But a government has its own considerations, has its own preconditions, so we respect those as well.

The process of purchasing and mailing masks

At that time, only China appeared this kind of epidemic, the epidemic of the motherland affected the hearts of every overseas patriotic people, the motherland China is where I was born and raised and trained me, When China was in trouble, I thought I must do something.

At the time I thought I might not have the ability or the energy to make a very large donation, to the hospital or to the Red Cross. I wanted to do something for at least those of my family back home, so I talked to my husband and got his support, and his sister, who is my husband's sister, also works in nursing homes, so we learned a little bit about nursing homes. There were 150 elderly people there, and because of the lack of masks, each of them gave only one mask for any possible need. So I said whether we need to buy some masks for these relatives or nursing homes in China.

But it was a little late for the mask thing. I remember that it was New Year's Eve, and everyone was saying "Happy New Year" to each other. Then they mentioned masks, saying that they were the best present at the moment. However, I did not know much about China at that time, so I had a more detailed understanding of the situation, and then I realized that Chinese people needed masks so much. At that night (when the boy went to swimming lessons with his father, so I was alone, and it was raining) I drove to many shops to buy masks, but it was still slow, many shops had no masks left.

Later, I came up with a sentence, you think a thing is difficult, if the thing can be solved with money, then it is not a difficult. I thought of some private websites for sale. After many screening, I finally found a private clinic, which had a little stock and bought masks at a high price. I bought more than a thousand masks from there and sent some to relatives and nursing homes respectively. It was as simple as that. I just said I could do more if I wanted to.

That's how you buy a mask.

Then, it was difficult to send masks at that time, because many routes had been suspended, so sending masks would be very slow. At that time we learned that fortunately we had a special plane with a favorable wind to handle the delivery. At that time, the Courier only accepted masks, and other things could not be sent. Only masks could be sent at this critical time, so the wind came in handy at that time. I am very glad and happy that my relatives can do something. I also hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible and the free life can be restored.

As for nursing homes, I am certainly not familiar with any other nursing homes in China, but I know something about this one. I sent two or three hundred masks to that place, so that each old person could get a few more masks, that's all. The rest of the mask to the procurement staff, because the appearance of the nursing home because of the outbreak has to cut off from the outside world as much as possible, also do not want to often come to visit relatives, outside so the only contact with the outside world is the shopping food service staff, so the rest of the mask can give those people to use, so that they bring a virus to old people. At present, I heard that the nursing home is still in good condition, because we basically belong to closed, as long as the person who went out to buy vegetables basically did not bring back the virus, so all the old people are no problem.

I have relatives in Shanghai, Beijing, Harbin and Fujian, and almost 250 masks have been sent to each place. And then there's my sister works in a hospital in Harbin, when I heard that the hospital in Harbin now because of shortage of masks, hospitals are in five masks and common people with medical masks for an N95 respirator such a case, I just contacted me this sister, and then I sent her twenty N95 masks and one hundred and fifty medical masks in order to better protect her.

At this time, it can be said that the virus is a very powerful enemy. For the people of the world, no one can be immune from this enemy at present. Only by joining hands with the people of the world can we overcome the difficulties. The earth itself is a community with a Shared future. I also sincerely hope that the epidemic in China, including Wuhan, can be completely brought under control, and then the epidemic abroad will disappear one day sooner. I hope all mankind and all governments should give more consideration to it. Should we do more from the perspective of respecting nature, life and wildlife? Could we have paid more attention to the advent of such a major outbreak earlier to prevent a larger outbreak? We should have an afterthought to these cases, so as not to fall into the same river at the same mistake and in the same place. Finally, I sincerely hope that the world, including China, including Canada where I am now, people of all countries can overcome this virus and live freely and happily as before.

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