A Non-respiratory Doctor's Experience of Epidemic Disease

Stone is a doctor in a hospital in Hebei province. He has been working for more than 20 years and is now the deputy chief physician. He remained calm in the face of the epidemic.
The Outbreak

We also experienced SARS, and at the beginning, we felt that this new coVID-19 was similar to SARS. Therefore, when we first heard about this epidemic, as a doctor, we felt that we should deal with it with ease and be prepared, because we have experienced SARS.

It was later discovered that the spread seemed to be more severe than that of SARS, and that the early measures seemed inadequate. Especially in Wuhan, It seems that Hubei province is not in place. Moreover, it is difficult for this patient to get medical treatment. A large number of patients gathered, which caused some hospital infections, and some doctors and medical workers were also infected.

This one is more serious than SARS. SARS is also infected by medical workers. That doesn't seem as serious as this one, so much, plus information travels so fast, so people are still nervous.

Hospital attitude

Hospital attaches great importance to this disease. Especially after a human-to-human transmission has been confirmed, hospitals are unified to share the prevention and control measures, such as temperature check, and the doctors and nurses during work time have to wear a face mask. They also enforce wearing face masks for the patients, family members accompany and so on. Not too many people come to the hospital, and many are separated from ward and living community.

After entering the ward, the doctor must has the access to one's ID, takes the temperature to carry on the screening. Patients with fever will be moved to the fever clinic, no matter what the disease is, if there is a fever he will be sent there.

Later, because of the development of the disease, the country introduced different methods of diagnosis, the standard of that diagnosis has been pushed for several versions, and now it seems like the seventh version.

Our hospital also did some screening, but did not find any confirmed case. Everyone is negative. However, we have a lot of fever patients, because winter and spring are also the peak of fever patients, but we did not have a case.

The Medical Action

As a doctor, most doctors in Hebei Province are more calm about this matter, because we are not considered high-risk areas. However, some doctors are more nervous. For example, they have to wear masks and goggles when they go out to avoid infection.

Because we do not have lots of cases here, it seems our hospital is safe.

The designated hospital screening also did not find any positive patients, patients admitted to our department sometimes have a fever, and some can not tell, so we take pharyngeal swabs to do the nucleic acid test. We tested a few patients in this way, and they were all negative.

Later, because of the need for support in Wuhan, doctors and nurses were sent from all over the country. I think nurses in particular are needed more. Some of these doctors and nurses also went to our respiratory department to participate in the medical team, and they are actively cooperating. However, since our department is far from related to the disease, it seems that doctors and nurses are not transferred from our department.

Although it is said that going to Wuhan is voluntary, actually the call means we all sign a petition in case of need that we will just agree to go to the front line. Because of this atmosphere, it's better for you to be proactive. So we all signed the petition together.

Thinking and Reflection

With the development of human society, the urbanization globalization has brought new challenges to the spread and prevention of the epidemic. Dense population with frequent communication is likely to cause the spread of infectious diseases, even rapid spread.

Due to the progress of human society, the improvement of human organization ability and development level, have the ability to identify, do early detection early treatment, as soon as possible to research out a vaccine and so on some measures or specific drugs to treat it. Medical development and all aspects of the development of human society are the same, and it will not be a smooth sailing. There will always be some challenges. Just because there are challenges and problems, it is even more necessary for human beings to make continuous progress.

This kind of progress is to seek the experience and the lesson from the history. On the one hand, it also needs to face the future to constantly develop the new level of science and technology, the new level of biomedicine, the new medical model and so on, to constantly make progress.

In the future, I think human beings will also face many problems. It is only by bravely facing the future and constantly improving ourselves that we can succeed. Future problems will be solved by development and progress.

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