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The Team

Abby Sunchen
Project Lead and Volunteer Manager
Kunming No. 1 High School Resort District Campus, Yunnan, China

With a passion for promoting better understanding between different social groups, Abby has been an active orator and volunteer throughout high school. Doing oral history has helped her a lot to comprehend pressing, real-life issues, and to understand how lives can vary for different individuals. Abby is not only an equal rights supporter for females, but also a fearless advocate for LGBTQ+ groups. She writes and speaks openly about social problems to dismantle the biases against minority groups. In her spare time, Abby enjoys musicals such as Rent and Hamilton, as well as playing frisbee with friends. Abby also devotes much of her time volunteering at the local mental illness rehab center, and running fundraisers to renovate bathrooms at low-income elementary schools. For this particular oral history project, Abby managed twenty volunteers to translate all the stories from Chinese to English, showing the world the stories from the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Hao Chen
Technology Lead
Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, CA, USA

Hao has always loved technology, especially the field of computer science. An avid programmer, he has had a couple of years experience developing websites for various organizations and received very positive feedback on his work. Hao is also passionate about oral history, so he contributes as an orator in addition to developing the website for the project. As an immigrant from China, Hao was very concerned for his family and friends back home when the outbreak took place in China. Now witnessing the damage caused by the pandemic here in the US, Hao feels the urge to record those moments through oral history interviews and show the world how COVID-19 has impacted common people’s lives and. During his free time, Hao loves badminton and tennis. He is also a big fan of science-fiction.

This project would not happen without the efforts of our team of volunteers. Coming from five different countries, these Chinese-speaking high school and college students care about the outbreak in China, and put in their time and energy to edit and translate all the interviews so those stories can be read by more people. Thank you for your work!

Our volunteers are:

Ann Yian Zhao from Nakornpayap International School
Chang Liu from Shanghai Pinghe School
Chelsey Xiang Meng from Shenzhen College of International Education
Christine Jiayin Fu from Shen Zhen University
David Kuo Liu from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China
Elidad Zhang from Veritas Collegiate Academy
Khaleesi Yunwei Chen from Ranney School
Leah Sun from Zhejiang Yuying College of Vocational Technology
Lisa Wang from Arlington Catholic high school
Luxin Chen from Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park
Jane Su from Vanke Meisha Academy
Joyce Li from Carlucci American School in Lisbon
Joy Fu from Northwestern University
Qianhui Wei from Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy
Rain Xiaoyu Xia from No.2 High School of East China Normal University
Selina Yutong Shi from Shanghai Pudong Foreign Language School
Ting Mei from Yali High School
Xinyu Zhou from Marlborough College Malaysia
Yining Xu from Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School
Yuxuan Tian from Rutgers Preparatory School

Special thanks to Tina Sheng, Shiyuan Gao and Cameron Hu from PalmDrive for your guidance and support.

This project is inspired by the work of Voice of Witness from San Francisco, CA. Thank you for your curriculum and resources.